Is Your Student Athlete Getting the Most out of the Ontario School System?

For elite student-athletes, combining school with a rigorous training and competitive play schedule can be overwhelming. There is a lot on the line on both the academic and athletic fronts, including university or college admission, athletic and academic scholarships and a potential pro or Olympic career. Navigating the Ontario school system can be a daunting task for parents and students. With some school/training days stretching longer than standard work hours, it is important that a student gets the proper support from the school system and is fully aware of their right to the delivery of a complete and customized education curriculum.

Let Cathy Dandy and Associates help your family get the most out of the Ontario school system for a student-athlete. They have years of experience in advocating for students in Ontario and can effectively navigate the system to help ensure that a student-athlete gets the most out of their school experience while training to be the best at what they do.

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