Before you decide if you need our services, we will conduct a half hour free consultation to go over the basics of the problem. We will chat about the issue, your goals and discuss possible ways you can get assistance. If it is decided that we can help you, we will book a session to review the details of your situation and begin to create a plan.

Advocacy Plan

We work directly with the family and the young person that is struggling to understand the problem, explore the options and build an effective advocacy plan. The plan will outline the goal(s) to be achieved and the necessary steps to achieve the goal(s). It always will include coaching for you to be able to tell your story effectively, to identify allies and to use specific tools when working with the school.

This plan is used as a guide in all contact with the school and education staff, and will help create a positive partnership with the school.

Personal Advocacy Services

There are situations when you may feel that a plan is not enough. You can hire a Personal Advocate to accompany you to meetings with education staff. We also are available to meet with education staff on your behalf if we need to gather information from them prior to making decisions.

Next Steps...

Contact us and take advantage of the free half hour consultation to find out if we can help you. You don't have to do this alone.


Additional Service

Sometimes parents and guardians have trouble supporting their children because they don’t even know what options are available. If the situation involves developing options for your child, we will research the options prior to the goal setting exercise. Once completed, you can choose to use this information to develop a plan or you can work with the options identified on your own.

Invite Us to your School

Cathy Dandy & Associates are available for group presentations to school councils at no charge.