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Is your child struggling in school? Has the teacher said that maybe he is “not trying,” “distracted,” or “disappointing?” Or is it her behavior? Is your child being accused of being "lazy," “disruptive” or “disobedient?”

Are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to help your child now that the school has identified a problem? Do you feel pressure to hire a tutor?

As a parent or guardian, it is challenging to know what to do when the school contacts you with a problem. You want to help your child but you want to know if the school has made a mistake or is doing enough for your child. You probably also have some strong emotions – sadness, frustration, fear. Does the burden to solve the problem feel like it’s being handed to you?

We Can Help

Cathy Dandy & Associates offers services to help you figure out the school system and get the help your child needs. Too many parents/caregivers hire a tutor when school system has so many resources to support your child in learning! We will help you develop a plan to get help for your child and locate other support services if needed. We can even advocate for your child if necessary!

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